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Perry’s Staff Picks

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How to Explore Beautiful Ormond Beach Scenic Loop

July 02, 2018

How does driving through 34 miles of relaxing twists and turns sound to you? What if we told you most of it was under the mysterious canopy of Spanish moss hanging from live oak trees? Experience Daytona like never before and explore the “Old Florida” highway, which is both charming and thrilling. Travel through historic sites, natural scenery, Florida wildlife, and stunning vistas of vast and expansive beaches. The route takes you through a variety of terrains including creeks, marshes, and barrier island dunes. There are also historical museums and public buildings worth noting, some of our favorites are the landmark Ormond Beach Fire Station built in 1937 and the WWII submarine watchtower. It’s a fabulous way to explore coastal central Florida while popping in-and-out of various beaches while sightseeing.