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Why You Should Plan a Beach Wedding at Perry’s Ocean Edge

May 07, 2018

It’s always wedding season in Florida, and we can’t think of anything more enchanting than a beach wedding. Let us entice you to celebrate your special day with us by checking out the top three reasons why you should plan a beach wedding right now. 

It’s Beautiful! With natural beauty likes ours, you don’t need much to create a romantic ambiance. Keep it casual or spruce it up. Whatever your style, the soul-stirring sunsets are the ideal backdrop for your special day.

It’s Intimate - Gathering all of your friends and family in the same spot guarantees you’ll never be far from the ones you love.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think - One of the most important things to know about beach weddings is that they pack a lot of punch without breaking your budget. For instance, you can even honeymoon where you get married.

We know planning your big event can be stressful, contact one of our specialists and we will be happy to help you from start to finish. Congratulations and let the good times commence!