Perry’s History

Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort’s history began in 1941 with Mr. Robert and Mrs. Ruby Perry and 17 units. Over the years the second floor and more rooms were added to the original section. Sometime in the 1950’s you could pull up and park in front of your room. The original area was later enclosed and solar panels were installed to heat the pool. The South Tower was added in 1973 and the North Tower was added in 1984. Both towers at one point in time were other properties.  Over the years Perry’s Courtside rooms formerly  part of a property known as Pleasant Green and the White Caps buildings were purchased. Mr. Perry turned the reins over to his daughter and son-in-law, James and Yvonne Bazemore in the 1960s. The company stayed in the family until 2001, was purchased by GDA Investments, and then by Pacifica Host in April of 2012.

Perry’s has been known for its higher than average amount of repeat customers. We still have guests tell us how they came here as children with their parents who are still coming year after year and they are now bringing their grandchildren. We are known for our Homemade Donuts that are made fresh daily here on property. Stop by the South Tower Lounge to try a few.  Perry’s has always catered to families and senior citizens. We have had many transformations over the years and we have managed to maintain our close knit atmosphere that customers enjoy. Perry’s has several employees that have been employed for over five years and some have worked as many as thirty plus years.

We invite you to share your memories of Perry’s with us and to take a stroll back in time in our photo gallery.  Send your pictures and stories to us at [email protected]

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